Riding the South

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About Us

Riding the South has both literal and symbolic meaning. Scott likes to Ride the South by bicycle, kayak and hiking trails. We both love to Ride the South in a car and discover something new. At the same time, however, the name of this website can be symbolic. We sometimes Ride the South, taking it to task for some of the strange things Southerners do..
So who are we? Jenny is the serious one. She is a college instructor with a Ph.D. in children’s literature and linguistics. After two decades exporting Southern culture to eight states and several countries, she brought some of her global outlook back home. Scott is the funny one. He has 30 years experience in journalism as a newspaper reporter, editor, humor columnist and university instructor.

 We hope you enjoy scottandjennymorris.com and tell your friends about us. We welcome your comments.

Thanks for reading,
Scott and Jenny