Riding the South

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Old farts and bees on Silver Comet Trail

Scott becomes the snowfall guy

Faces in the rocks

Jenny makes peace with the F150

Fishing in heaven

Pedaling through Faulkner's South

Ghost of Meriwether Lewis

Eagle has landed on Shoal Creek

Lost on ghostly river

All talk and no paddle

Rainy day hiking on Rockpile Trail

Fall survives drought on Brushy Lake

Insider's guide to the Baptist church

Fun begins when pavement ends

We'll file Halloween under cattywampus

All the stories we didn't tell

Can a dog really predict weather?

Humming along Rock Spring Trail

Mission accomplished: a child with a job

One fallopian tube, please

One truck over the line

Patio people of the world unite

Just one more slice of summer

Exploring past at Seven Falls

Better than chocolate

All lives didn't matter in Miss.

Heavy breathing in Mississippi Delta

Dude, where's my boat?

Southern boys love the mud

Piece, love and summertime

Clunkers, kids and bank accounts

Corn in tassel, Coke in bottle

Don't be a jackass

Can't get there from here

Words of freedom

Born under a rebel sky

Of cats and conditions

Gator bait rides a bike

Little red Corvette vs. big white Buick

Dad on board

Feeling grateful but winded on TVA trails

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes?

Like Balaam's ass

It's nice to see you

What I learned from 400 soldiers

Furniture on the roof

9mm vs. the Good Samaritan

BB gun sharpshooter revisits Tishomingo

No, it's not about the bike

Pay to play graduation

Backdoors and alleyways

Mother's Day wish for one more visit

Lucky hiking stick beats a rabbit's foot

No-school Mondays is strange solution

We find Shiloh no house of peace

10 reasons to read this incredible story

Since looks can't kill, let's arm students

Float through history on Bluewater Creek

Things get weird in NYC

The seductive South

Paddling with bald eagles

The power differential

Wildflower heaven at Cane Creek Canyon

Waiting for figs at Easter

Fine winter turns to fickle spring

Spring cleaning baggage away

My Irish eyes are smiling

Belaying death and taxes

Remember the Alamo!

Trapped in laurel hell

Operation Girl Scout Cookie

Long Winded Preacher Blues

Adding up heart health

Mobsters in tinfoil hats

Winning the Alabama lottery

Scabies with those nuggets?

Great Beetle invasion of 1980

My personal 'Groundhog Day'

Hitchhikers guide to humiliation

Merit pay for legislators

Life in black and white

Pre-nup of grief

Grab the paddle!

This watchdog won't hunt

Fighting the word famine

People I have tried to kill

Welcome to our new website

Riding the South

A visit to St. Nicholas

Swimming toward Christmas

Lost: One Jesus

King of cardboard has his day

Boys of Christmas past

How loud can a lion roar?

Birthday time machine

On standby in purgatory

Thankful for second acts

Nope, not this turkey

Life outside the box

Taking showers with cats

Southern man needs a truck

What a friend I have

Heard it through the Grapevine

Learning Egyptian

78 autumns are not enough

Doctor my eyes

Dogs on the road to freedom

My purple psychosis

We love Jesus and guns

How many refugees should Germany take?

Say goodbye to chocolate (again)

Camel fits through needle's eye

​Enlightened parenting

Execution takes me back to Georgia

Too cool for senior discount