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We'll file Halloween

under cattywampus

By Scott Morris

While it may appear a ghoulish glowing jack-o-lantern is haunting The Resident Cat, the truth is that we are exploiting the poor feline to announce we’ve categorized the Riding the South archives into a more manageable menu.

We’ll file the entry you are reading under Cattywampus, the official category for the weird and the wild.

The other new categories of blog entries are:

  • Yonder — for outdoor and travel features
  • Conniption — for when Jenny gets worked up about something
  • Mercy — for when we are rejoicing in or losing our religion
  • Kin — for the family stuff

As we announced a few weeks ago, we took a few weeks off to rework Riding the South to make it easier to find past features.

During our first year, we offered two new blog posts each week. We are reducing the workload for the time being to whenever the spirit strikes.

We hope you enjoy the slightly new look and forgive us for exploiting The Resident Cat.