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​We love Jesus and guns

​Oct. 12, 2015

By Scott Morris

 If you question our love for Jesus in the Bible Belt, we might just shoot your ass.

 It is one of the great contradictions about the South that strikes outsiders as slightly strange.

 Actor Jerry Stiller captured this dichotomy perfectly in “The Heartbreak Kid,” a forgettable film if not for one of the greatest lines of all times. While driving to Oxford, Mississippi, with his son, Stiller’s character issues a warning.

 “Remember, this is the Bible Belt,” he says. “These people have guns.”

 The polytheistic worship of lethal weapons and the Prince of Peace might seem a strange combination in certain theological circles. Some folks argue that Jesus told Peter to put away his sword and, thus, would not approve of gun violence. Most people in the South would probably respond that Peter shouldn’t have brought a knife to a gunfight.

 I have no problem with gun ownership or with self-protection. I have been a gun owner most of my life.  My problem is with the worship of weapons — with the stubborn refusal to even consider the problem of gun violence in this country and to attack anyone who brings it up.

 When yet another mass shooting occurs, the Christian thing to do would be to let the families of victims mourn before shouting about somebody trying to take our guns. The Christian thing to do would be to show empathy and express sorrow for the loss.

 When we worship two lords — Jesus and guns — one has to lose.

 And now that today’s sermon has concluded, let us bow our heads in prayer:

 Our gun who art in holster

Hallowed be thy aim

Thy bullets come

Thy carnage done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily dead

And forgive us our hesitation

As we shoot those who trespass against us

And lead us not into regulation

But deliver us from common sense

For thine is the kingdom

And the firepower

And the guns-ablazing glory forever